[ postcard of multi-colored COW ]

This postcard arrived at the offices of 
The Daily Weekly recently, allegedly sent 
by one McGuy McJohnson.  The card had 
a postmark from Walnut, WI.  However, it 
was kinda smeared and the date was unclear.

- Stan Longfroth (The Daily Weekly)
Postcard Guy?

Dear Felix,

I find it rude and intoxicating that Doug "Johnny" Strandler implied that I
am still alive living in Zar SIS ipan pleasure (Oops, I guess I added that
second part, but it's true).   I am Guy Johnson and I am dead.

With tremendous exaggeration to the above, aforementioned fact, I would still
like to continue to receive my bi-daily, monthly subscription every other
week of the Daily Weekly.  It is a very good "paper" and makes a good chaser
to Zarsisilube Bacon Lube Motor Treatment (TM) the tasty breakfast motor
treatment with 9 essential vitamins and minerals.

Look for the new and improved Zarsisipan NUTTY NUT flavor, in stores soon.
NUTTY NUT, hey this time we got the color right!* (TM)  NUTTY NUT, it 
tastes like creamy delicious peanut butter.**

Enclosed you will find the free sample that you requested at the Daily
Weekly, pass the fantastically delectable, new Zarsisipan flavor NUTTY NUT
around the office and enjoy.


McGuy McJohnson

* If nuts are mauve, we got it right. Damn it! ** Who are we kidding, it could taste like cow dung (*^) and you damn fools would still eat it. You're all addicted!!!!! (*^) It does taste like cow dung.

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