/|/ A T A R I: ST DOWNLOADS ST / STE / TT / Falcon


* Blat (STE / Falcon only)
* Poker Dice (ST / STE only)
* Obsession (demo version) (STE / Falcon only)

* The Ultimate Musical Experience (STE only - Requires Magic Shadow Archiver 1.41)

An amazing music and sound demo for the STE. It features several different songs that utilize the sound capabilities of the STE to the fullest. Four channels with adjustable BASS, TREBLE and BALANCE, including a very cool graphic spectrum analyzer. A must have for the STE! Use the Magic Shadow Archiver 1.41 to create the bootable floppy (MSA 2.3 doesn't seem to create the bootable floppy quite right for some reason).

* Backward 2.71 (Falcon only)
* Magic Shadow Archiver (1.41 and 2.3) (ST / STE / TT / Falcon)

/|/ A T A R I: 8-BIT DOWNLOADS 400 / 800 / XL / XE

BASIC Games (by Paul Nurminen)

* Bugs! (All 8-bits)
* Gun Man 2 (All 8-bits)
* Russian Roulette (All 8-bits)
* Question & Answer (All 8-bits)
* Super Car III (All 8-bits)
BASIC Demos (by Paul Nurminen)

* AtariVision! (All 8-bits)
* Computer Nightmare (All 8-bits)
* Parachute Jumper (All 8-bits)
* Rocket Ride (All 8-bits)
* Boats (All 8-bits)
* Explosion (All 8-bits)
* Box (All 8-bits)
* Heart 2 Heart (All 8-bits)

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